Sunday, September 16, 2012

                I have learned a lot in our grammar class so far. Last week, I learned how to use possessive pronouns, namely: ITS, WHOSE, YOURS and THEIRS.  I think that I already understood most of those, but I have always been hesitant to use them. Actually, I’ve always hesitated when using grammar I’m unsure about. I often take extra time while writing a paper and restructure the whole sentence, just to avoid being uneasy about my grammar.

                I have also learned a lot this week, while we are starting to really crack down on grammar. I, MYSELF, don’t use the F- word that often, but I now know it’s grammatically correct to use it any way I please! This week has also been a real refresher for me. I haven’t been in a class that had anything to do with grammar for roughly six years, so it was nice to see where the subject, the noun, the verb, and the adjective went in the sentence. Even though I knew the basics, I was still a little hazy on them. After the newspaper exercises, it was nice to have the affirmation that I really knew what each word represented in the sentence.

The prepositions were nice to touch on also. I remember learning, “The squirrel ran blank the log” and we had to fill in the blank with the word we thought was a preposition, and if it worked, it was. BETWEEN YOU AND ME, through school I always used the squirrel trick, and as an adult, I still do. When I was younger, I used to be so good at spotting prepositional phrases, and now I don’t know what happened! For some reason I thought that the words that came after a preposition near the end of a sentence was always a prepositional phrase. It was cleared up, though, that a prepositional phrase cannot contain both a subject and a verb.

It was really nice to re-learn what I’ve forgotten about grammar and to be more confident now that I remember what I’m doing (somewhat). This week has been very helpful, overall, and I’m glad that we’re really starting to get into sentence structures. If there is any error you can find in this blog post, let me know. I’m always up for some constructive criticism, and am ready to learn from my mistakes!


  1. Great job on using the Patterns of the Week. I don't see anything wrong with your blog either.
    When did you hear about the squirrel trick? I have never heard of it at all, I just followed school house rock.

  2. I'm so impressed, Brittany, that you learned that a prepositional phrase cannot contain a subject-verb. Excellent.