Sunday, September 30, 2012

SINCE I’m not very creative, I’ll just write about school. I missed classes Wednesday through Friday last week because I came down with the despicable stomach flu. It’s probably the nerd in me but I absolutely hate missing school. I usually can’t figure out what is going on in the assignments, let alone this blog. IF IT WASN’T FOR MY SAVING GRACE, GOOGLE, I wouldn’t even know what an appositive was. WHOMEVER CAN SKIP CLASS ON A REGULAR BASIS I envy. I’M THE TYPE OF PERSON WHO NEEDS TO LISTEN, LEARN, AND COMPREHEND MATERIAL IN CLASS OR IN A LECTURE (is that parallelism correct?). I can’t just read a book and be prepared for the tests without going to class, like some can.

ALTHOUGH I am not really sure if I’m using parallelism, relative clauses, and appositives correctly in this blog; I KNOW HOW TO USE ONE THING CORRECTLY: AAAWWUBBIS. IT SEEMS—TO ME—LIKE THIS CLASS (ENGL 326) was one of the hardest to miss. It is one of my favorite classes and one of the most fun. WHOEVER says anything different is wrong! Because of my love for this class, I was so sad to miss it. I had hoped I wouldn’t miss any large concepts, but I guess I was wrong. Hopefully I can get a handle on appositives, relative clauses and parallelism very soon.

I’m not sure I did the patterns of the week correctly, so if you see any mistakes, please correct me! I feel sort of confident that I got most of my appositives right, but for all I know I have faulty parallelism. So if you find issues, tell me! I need help!

To end on a random thought-

As I was writing this blog, I realized how intentional our sentence structure is for our blogs- it almost has to be. I’ve never really thought about how to structure my sentences when writing anything; I just wanted to get my point across. Now I just find how more aware I am of syntax and grammar when I read or write anything.


  1. I. too, write more carefully for these blogs that I normally do. I think your use of the patterns of the week was perfect. For someone who missed a class that was filled with explantions of those grammar rules, you figured out the concepts really well. Brava!

    Isn't it wonderful that we are now conscious of the different clause types, so that we can incorporate them into our writing? It makes for a more sophisticated style for sure. To think that I used fragments so much more when I first started this class! (Whoops, I think that may be a sentence fragment right there!)

    Appositives after a colon was the most challenging pattern for me. I don't think I did it right. You seemed to have grasped the appositive concept very well.

    See you in class. I hope you're feeling better. The mom in me wants to tell you to rest as much as you can. Sleep is so important, even when we're not sick.

  2. fun read, Brittanie. Only one problem with the WHOMEVER CAN SKIP CLASS. That should be WHOEVER can skip class. To figure out whether to use WHOM or WHO, just plug in HIM or HE, and hear what sounds right. In this case, HE CAN SKIP CLASS sounds right, so you use WHOEVER.

    I think the inverted sentence (the actual S-V is I-envy) and then the dependent clause WHOEVER CAN SKIP CLASS is the direct object, answering the question Who Did What? = I envy [dependent clause]. The whole clause is the direct object.

    Gosh, this is too complicated to explain online. Let me know if you'd like to discuss it at the beginning of class. What I really wanted to tell you was I love that sentence!

    hope you're feeling better. I, too, was feeling awfully woozy last week.