Saturday, October 13, 2012

This is a couple paragraphs of a paper I wrote for my Multicultural Literature class at a college I previously attended. The topic of my paper is postmodernism.





Active Voice

Passive Voice


            Death was a very prevalent theme in White Noise. I’ve also come to the conclusion that death is a major, maybe even the major, theme in postmodernity. In White Noise, Jack and Babette were so afraid to die that they would do almost anything to suppress the fear, or stay as far away from death as possible. Babette took Dylar, an experimental drug barely tested on humans, just to try and suppress her fear of death. Even though it is highly ironic that she is risking her life, sleeping with a strange man for the pills and taking a highly experimental drug to suppress her fear of dying, death seems to be an idea, awful and terrifying, lingering over Jack and Babette’s heads like a dark cloud that never leaves. They often had conversations about who would die first, even though both of them are afraid of the correct answer.

Death was also a strong theme in Fight Club. The novel more focused on the idea of living in the moment and doing things that you wouldn’t regret before you die. The scene with the mechanic still sticks in my head; the car was driven by the mechanic, head on into traffic about to kill all the other passengers. The narrator was afraid that he was going to get killed at first, but then decided he wanted to die. He realized that everything that was a part of his life wasn’t important at all--his Ikea furniture, all of the other the things he owned. He apprehended that material items don’t mean anything at all when a person dies. Is it the exhaustion of progress when everyone just gives up?


  1. You covered all four brush strokes, as well as the additional grammatical highlights for this week. I also liked the two paragraphs you chose. The subject is really interesting. Well done.

    1. actually, all correct except the absolute; I otherwise agree with Kellen: nice piece of writing!